Home – about the group

We are a community-based textile group in East Brighton.

Members of the group meet every Friday at Whitehawk library, 12-3pm (except during August). This meeting is mainly composed of spinners but any member is welcome to bring a portable, (and non-messy) textile project to work at for a few hours in the company of others. Not everyone comes every week, but occasionally members will share skills in an informal workshop.
We also go out to events to demonstrate and share skills with the general public. If you run or are planning a community event in the wider area around Brighton and Hove and would like spinning and related textile crafts to be part of your event, please contact us.

Because we are an informal group, it is always best to email via the ‘contact’ page to check that someone will be there before coming to a Whitehawk library meeting for the first time.

Due to COVID-19, the group has not been meeting since April 2020. If you would like to know more about this inclusive, friendly group and maybe join in in the future please get in touch.
Anyone with an interest in textiles is welcome.

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